THATCamp (The Humanities And Technology Camp) was an unconference held as a pre-conference forum for digital artists and art historians in association with the College Art Association’s annual conference, supported by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation (2014) and the Samuel Kress Foundation (2015).


Participant, invited speaker, discussion leader.

My contributions were geared toward facilitating discussions about digital scholarship, particularly its evaluation and reception in academic institutions.


THATCamp CAA 2014

“Upcycling:” Building a Professional Online Presence Through Digital Publishing,” invited lightening talk with Meredith A. Brown

Lightening talk description: For early career and emerging scholars in the field of art history, the world of digital publishing is both a blessing and a curse: on the one hand, it can provide innovative and interactive ways to present research; on the other, digital-only publications tend to be seen as less prestigious, less rigorous, and ultimately less useful for career advancement than more traditional (paper) publishing. In an open discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of online publishing, we will ask how digital writing might allow us to “upcycle” other work–in online journals, blogs, and other formats–to create an online presence around our research, how online academic presses and the peer-review process might improve and legitimate digital publications, and whether such publishing initiatives in our field are worth it.

Read my speaker Q and A on the THATCamp CAA blog or the collaborative Google doc online.

THATCamp CAA 2015

Talk session: “Evaluating Digital Scholarship,” discussion leader

Panel description: A virtual tour of Digital Karnak by Lisa Snyder and Elaine Sullivan, followed by a discussion of THATCamp attendees around the topic of evaluating digital projects of all types in order to contribute to the ongoing dialogue toward supporting digital work—at all levels of academia and public scholarship—by effectively evaluating it and facilitating its inclusion in promotion and tenure portfolios.

Read the full panel proposal and responses on the THATCamp CAA blog.