Cappadocia on the Commons


The Cappadocia on the Commons initiative augments the Digital Catalog of Cappadocian Ceiling Crosses with an interactive map and 3D models of Byzantine monuments, curated into a public-facing web resource. This project begins with a digital dissertation data contribution to a stable repository. The data is then pulled into a public facing website that I will build as an interactive catalog of Byzantine monuments in Cappadocia, Turkey. I will share the work as Linked Open Data (research that is formatted using a controlled vocabulary and available for others to link to and reuse) to avoid an isolated “data silo.”

UPDATE: This project evolved into


My roles will include director and content specialist


Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant recipient (2015-2016), awarded to “innovative digital projects designed, created, programmed, or administered by matriculated doctoral students in good academic standing at the Graduate Center”